What IS IT with guys and their boots – on the Tube’s seats?

Maybe the velvet upholstery is a turn-on for them?

Maybe they don’t have upholstered furniture at home, where the only place they actually GET to sit down is on the lavatory.  Otherwise they squat on the floor.

I hope you get to see this guys. Maybe the guy on the right will gift us his paper cup leaving it under the seat before he leaves!



Oi! Ginger! DON’T!

Copper knob idiot schoolboy thinks he’s King of The 142 Bus. He’s not.

DESPITE me telling him not to, he maintained his superior attitude, but removed his shit-covered-soled tastefully coloured plimsolls when I threatened to tell his headmaster (school name withheld)GINGER-FEETING

Ah! The Hipsters of Harrow!

People with beards are of the belief that they are arrogant and of ridiculous appearance if they sport a beard. Well, this dummy has it in spades. the beard, the shorts and oh yes, the feet on the attractively upholstered seats of the Metropolitan line. Obviously not getting off at Harrow-On-The-Hill, he’s FAR too comfortable, as is the er, person whom he is kicking who has decided that the FEETING-METRO-26-08-2017carriage doubles up as an air bnb!


This rather overweight person (female? hard to tell – gender-neutral?) looks like she is at home. I PRESUME that she puts her feet up on the next available seat as she is doing on the Metropolitan line just outside of Wembley Park.  Or maybe just a thoughtless and selfish moron.feeting_slag


Yet another moron who is probably viewing porno as he makes himself at home (if he did this at home, his dad would probably clip ’round the earhole – no, I take that back – he probably doesn’t know who his dad was – and his mother is too busy down at the job centre claiming benefit to give him any lessons in respect for public utilities). with his filthy plimsolls.  Don’t miss your stop mate!

The hooded moron