AND STILL THEY STUFF THEMSELVES AT BREAKFAST! This unattractive sight on the Metropolitan line last weekend at Wembley Park with her distinctly smelly food (a violation of London Underground regulations, by the way!) and generally slovenly appearance continues to make me ask: Why not set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier, and make yourself something, the contents of which you can RECOGNISE and KNOW what’s in there instead of stopping off at some cafe or other and bring your breakfast onto the train?

Disgusting and indefensible!mcrubbish



THIS FROWSY CHAP could easily have eaten his disgusting-looking (I presume) porridge at home! The time he took to put it into its container, he could have downed it at his kitchen table. But no, he put it intoa  screw-top jar and – get this – TOOK A SILVER SPOON (!) to eat it with. He carefully then lays out his iphone on his lap, and make this disgusting fool of himself in  front of yours truly.

BTW, I DO NOT deliberately seek out these genuine freaks on my journeys. Some ‘higher being’ obviously determines that they are ripe for ridiculing on this blog.

Oh, and this slob also needs to have a shower and brush his hair. He smelt BAD!PORRIDGE


THIS IDIOT, oblivious to even me who is blatently in her line of vision, no doubt listening to the latest crap music sitting on the 142 bus, doesn’t seem to care or even be bothered that her filthy footwear may contain dog faeces which others have to (unwittingly) sit on. MEN’S boots, aren’t they? Maybe she is a he!!!

She may come from a country where fundamental hygiene is not a subject that is taught.

I do hope she sees this. But she’d probably just shrug her shoulders and think, “fame at last! Innit!”