Mystery Meat Sandwich & Daddy Long Legs

ORIENTAL WOMAN eats a ‘mystery meat’ sandwich on the Northern Line last Saturday. She slowly reached into her bag and pulled it out with great ceremony having carefully examined it to see, possibly, that there was no mould or fluff on it.

By the looks of her indulgence, she seemed to be doing it more out of necessity than pleasure, as there was no visible satisfaction on her face. More like taking unpleasant medicine. It was equally unpleasant for me to watch her chomping away!


MEANWHILE, DADDY LONG LEGS MORON HERE demonstrates the advantages of narrow Underground carriages. He was so relaxed, listening, no doubt, to the latest musical offerings that would send him to sleep. He was almost comatose in his supine demonstration of his feet-reaching skills and showing off his plimsolls on the Jubilee Line.





The thing is this: why do people absolutely insist on putting their filthy boots and shoes on our lovely upholstered train seats?

I have travelled the world’s public transport systems and honestly, good old London Transport’s buses and tubes do have the nicest seats.

The Metropolitan.Central/Hammersmith & City have these great new ‘bendy’ 8 Million Pound carriages that have such a cool pattern on their upholstery too.

And yet slobs like this girl on the Met last week was completely oblivious to me openly taking this pic of her!

Goodness knows where she had been clomping around in these thigh-highs. Maybe a pile of dog poo…whatever…would she do that at home?

Anyway, she has the dubious ‘honour’ of being the first to appear on my new blog which will be regularly updated showing, not only people with a selfish disregard for other


passengers’ seating but you will see other morons actually EATING on public transport!


I’m totally fed up with both of you lots!

As a courtesy, I will hand out a card to you so that you can share your shame with others after I’ve snapped you!

Watch out!